Welcome to KCCO...

Happy New Year!

We have resumed our normal hours of operation Thursday - Sunday, 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm, clear nights.


Come see Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, and its Galilean moons! Say hello to Venus, and check out the Great Orion Nebula! Our neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy, is in view, as well as other galaxies, star clusters, and beautiful stellar remnants. Join us in the Shoemaker Open Sky Planetarium for a constellation tour, and watch for meteors to wish upon! Get up close and personal with our Moon once a month, and relax with your family and friends, under our wonderful night sky. Dress warmly, because it gets cold out there as we spin into winter.


ALWAYS FUN! As always, its free and fun, so bring everyone!


NOW SHOWING Jupiter and its Galilean moons, the Andromeda galaxy, meteors, star clusters, far-away galaxies and more! Always free, because it's your Universe! Check it out with us!


See you soon!


KCCO Winter Hours

6-8:45 pm Thu-Sun

KCCO only operates on clear nights, please check the forecast below.