KCCO Facilities...

KCCO Observatory

Shoemaker Open-Sky Planetarium

At the observatory, we have just opened the world's first outdoor planetarium! This lowered seating pit is near the south side of the observatory. The planetarium seats over 40 visitors comfortably with seating for disabled persons as well. Observatory staff give tours of the constellations including associated mythology, general science, and astronomical history.

The planetarium also includes a handheld multimedia presentation using state-of-the-art wireless technology. These mini TVs have live feed from the telescopes incorporated with a slide show feature, similar to the welcome screen in the lobby of the observatory.

Things to Consider...

Park gates are locked at 11 pm so make sure you are out of the park by then.

It gets chilly at the observatory, even in the spring and summer, so dress appropriately.

Please, no smoking in or around the observatory and planetarium. Not only is it a fire hazard, it’s no fun to smell, either.

Keep in mind that this is public family facility. We appreciate everyone’s consideration for each other. Watch your language, and respect others.

Drive slowly and carefully into the parking lot, and turn off the headlights when you turn off the engine.

We have only a dark porta-john, so you should use the bathroom before you come to visit.

You are welcome to bring food and drinks, but no alcohol, and please don’t litter.

No dogs allowed inside the observatory and they must be leashed on the grounds of the observatory and planetarium during public hours.

KCCO is a kid-friendly place! We love to see children enjoy and explore the night sky with enthusiasm. Please parents, if your children are getting out of hand, running amok on the benches, throwing rocks, or disrupting the constellation tours, we ask that you quiet them or take them out of the facility so they won’t bother the others.